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Tesla’s electrospray strategy➻Tesla nozzle

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of Tesla’s electrospray strategy, which will also explain the Tesla nozzle. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now Don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to unlock the plane with the Tesla Pride Eagle 2. Ace Warrior Snow Field Raiders 3. How to bargain for the Ace Warrior Tesla Steam Genius Skin 4. How to refresh the Tesla Pride Eagle 5. Tess How to unlock the third level of the plane game How to unlock the Tesla Pride Eagle How to unlock the plane 1. When passing the level of Tesla's electrospray strategy, there will be a small wrench Tesla's electrospray strategy hexagonal badge Tesla's Electrospray Raiders, after obtaining that customs clearance, a random part will be given, and those who save enough Tesla’s electrospray Raiders with the same color will get a fighter with enhanced attributes. The last two are F14 and F18, and there are 5 hidden planes. These fighter jets require you to pass through Tesla’s electrospray strategy all the time, and you will have them all after breaking through. 2. Pride Eagle aircraft fragments can be obtained after collecting hexagonal badges when clearing the level. When passing the level, there will be a hexagonal badge of a small wrench. After obtaining that level, a random part will be given to it. If you save enough of the same color, you will get a fighter with enhanced attributes. Red, initial machine, attribute balance. 3. The unlocking method of the third level of the Tesla Airplane game is as follows: Accumulate a laser, move to the center of the boss as soon as the boss comes out, and be careful not to let the lasers on both sides hit it. Use laser to fight BOSS, usually 6 laser shots can kill the one in the middle with double bullets. Ace Fighter Snowfield Mine Strategy Snowfield Mine Map Gameplay Strategy Suppressive style of play: double outfit (recommended Vulcan, giant bear), one guerrilla or raid (recommended clown, ninja, dragon), one sniper, one butterfly. There are 9 maps in the stronghold occupation mode, Guandi Temple, Railway Station, Safe House, Launch Site, Walled City, Northern Church, Snowfield Mine, Rooftop and London Street. The most typical narrow and long passages include the passage above the snow map and the passages on both sides of the railway station. You can block the way alone. The most typical wide passages include the bridgehead in Dorma Town and the Xueyuantu underground mining area. Almost no matter how you put the shield, you will be hit by the opponent's sniper point or easily circled behind. The most typical multi-bunker terrain is the middle passage of the steel factory. How to bargain for the ace fighter Tesla Steam Genius skin 1. Genius youth fashion Default fashion: Tesla Obtaining method: initial fashion, default wear. 2. Breakpoint style of play: spark + Tesla + sniper + reload + guerrilla (raid). When occupying the point, reload and force the advance point, the sparks will output at the fixed point on the flat shield next to the high platform, and the output will be output on the high platform or behind the shield. 3. Passive skill [Death to the End], after being knocked down, Blast can continue to attack the enemy with a pistol until exhausted or completely defeated. During this period, any enemy can be revived after defeating it. Although this effect cannot be triggered continuously, it also increases The output endurance of the blast. 4. Suppressive type: boy genius-Tesla Among the suppressive types, the boy genius-Tesla is the most worth recommending to newcomers! Appears to be gentle and well-behaved, harmless to humans and animals, but one must not underestimate this genius boy who is proficient in mechanics. 5. Players who participated in the corresponding event can receive the ruby costume in the mailbox, but the validity period is only 3 days, and it is not a permanent gift. However, there may be other forms of activities in the future to present this skin as a reward, or it may be put on the store in the future. How to swipe the proud eagle on Tesla How to get gold coins on the proud eagle Players first come to the Peace Elite mobile game interface. Click to open the Trend Music Festival interface. Then you need to spend 6 lottery coins to draw a lottery. After obtaining a note, you can choose to add it normally or add it with protection. Accumulate a laser Tesla's electrospray strategy. As soon as the boss comes out, move to face the Tesla's electrospray strategy in the middle of the boss. Be careful not to let the lasers of Tesla's electrospray strategy on both sides hit. Just use the laser to fight the BOSS, usually 6 laser shots can destroy the electrospray strategy of the double-bullet Tesla in the middle. After reaching the corresponding level, open the backpack, open the weapon slot, select the weapon, and use the gold coins in your hand to unlock it. "Proud Eagle" is a flying shooting game developed by Polish developer Infinite Dreams. The NS version of "Proud Eagle" is $99 and will be released on February 1, 2018. unnecessary. The small yellow dots on the page are similar to gold coins when unlocking in the game of Proud Eagle. The achievement points given after reaching the goal of each level in the game are enough. No additional gold coins are needed. Players will mistakenly think that unlocking the proud eagle requires Extra coins, Pride Eagle is a very classic (scrolling) flying shooting game. Pride Eagle aircraft fragments can be obtained after collecting hexagonal badges when clearing the level. There will be a hexagonal badge of a small wrench when you pass the level. After you get that level, you will be given a random part. If you save enough Tesla's electrospray and attack the same color, you will get a fighter with enhanced attributes. Red, initial machine, attribute balance. The seventh pass. Because of the variety of gameplay and easy operation, the octopus plane parts can be dropped in the seventh level. The proud eagle is a special commemorative version of the official remake, and it is a flying shooting game. How to unlock the third level of the Tesla airplane game First collect more than 70% of the stars. Secondly, destroy 70% of the enemies without damage and rescue all personnel. In the end, the plane is not destroyed, and the third level can be opened after obtaining 4 achievements. The actual answer is Tesla's electrospray strategy: First, find the position of the 4 numbers. Next, arrange them in the order of 2018, then flip them over and enter 666 to unlock the elevator. If you still can't unlock the elevator, try rechecking the position and order of the numbers. It's called "The Proud Eagle". It is a flying shooting game developed by Polish developer Infinite Dreams. Ten years ago, when the first version of "Arrogant Eagle" was launched, the game media IGN commented, "In short, the game of Arrogant Eagle is exquisite." In the game, players must also use magnetism to solve puzzles. Grasp the characteristics of each situation, dodge enemies and traps to explore; the player can move the protagonist by swiping on the left side of the screen, and the protagonist can jump and use the device by touching the right side of the screen. First open the game "3D Driving Classroom". Then click to start the game and enter. Finally, collect enough gold coins in the game and return to the game store to select Tesla and click to buy. Complete the first two levels: Before proceeding, you need to make sure you have passed the first two levels and earned enough points. Wait for a period of time: In some versions, the third level needs to wait for a period of time before it can be unlocked automatically. That’s all for the introduction of Tesla’s electrospray strategy. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about Tesla nozzles and Tesla’s electrospray strategy. .

Tesla’s electrospray strategy➻Tesla nozzle