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Personal domain name filing➣➣How to write personal domain name filing notes

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➣➣Today I will share with you the knowledge of personal domain name filing, and will also explain how to write personal domain name filing notes. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, Don't forget to follow this site, let's get started now! Article catalog: 1. What content can be written in the personal domain name filing? 2. What can be done for the personal filing website 3. How to write the personal domain name filing name? 4. How to icp the personal website What content can be written in the personal domain name filing? Personal Filing of personal domain names The personal domain name filing of personal domain names can actually do some trademark processing. If you want to file, you can also file your personal domain name. Personal domain name filing For personal domain name filing, you need to take photos for verification in person. During the personal domain name filing process, you need to pay attention to the personal domain name filing problem to ensure that your website can operate normally, and there is no "Guozihao" logo. Pornography, gambling, drugs and content that endangers national security cannot appear on the website. From the perspective of website domain name filing, personal domain names are submitted with a scanned copy of personal ID cards when filing, and the domain names filed by individuals cannot be used as websites with business information. Website filing information includes: enterprise information, responsible person information, website information, etc. In addition, filing can also give the website better credibility and make it easier for visitors to trust the content and services of the website. What are the advantages of personal filing domain names? Personal domain names have unique advantages over corporate domain names. What can you do with your personal filing website? First, you need to position your own website, what type it belongs to, and then start to choose the keywords of your own industry, and then make a layout of the homepage to make our website more practical. Personally registered domain names can actually do some trademark processing, if you want to go for the record is also possible. Why do you need to file for the record? Domestic hosts are required to file for the record. When most of the website visitors are domestic, domestic hosts are fast. Recorded websites can enjoy other services, such as advertising alliances, accelerated music, etc. Your record number is canceled or the host is changed. In fact, the filing process is complicated and complicated, but simple and simple. If the webmaster does not want to wait so long, you can use overseas virtual hosts or Hong Kong virtual hosts. Both overseas and Hong Kong virtual hosts do not need to be filed, and they can be used immediately, and the content restrictions are relatively loose. Enterprises need to submit business information and ID card information of the handler; individuals only need to submit ID card information. The subject of the website is different after filing: After the personal filing, the subject of the website is displayed as personal. How to write the personal domain name filing name? 1. The personal filing address must not be filled with the office address. Personal domain name filing must be a residential address, and the detailed residential address should be at No. x, Unit x, Building x, No. xx Street, xx District, xx City, xx City, xx Province. Fill in the office address, and pay attention to the logic of the area selection. 2. The website name cannot fill in the URL; if it contains words such as news, publishing, education, health care, medicine and medical equipment, electronic bulletin service (community, forum), blog, culture, radio, film and television programs, etc., you need to contact the relevant competent authority. Handle pre-approval or special approval procedures. 3. It is to write the name of the website you make for personal domain name filing. For general enterprise portals, write the company name, and for personal sites, write the personal site name. However, there are many restrictions on personal filing, so regional or business names cannot be used. 4. Personal domain name filing Where did you buy the space server from, just write the company name of the server provider. For the record, you can ask your server provider to help you record, and you can provide your own information. It is more professional for them to help you record your personal domain name, and the speed is faster than yours. After all, you have more experience than you. How to ICP record for personal website 1. Sign and seal on the website record information authenticity verification form, and keep the face-to-face verification photos and photocopies of certificates. The receiving agency for ICP filing is the communication management bureau of each province and city. 2. Log in to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. Select Register, click to accept the instructions for use, and the flow chart of ICP information filing. Fill in the registration information and click the Register button to complete the registration. Enter username and password to log in. Click Information Entry on the left navigation bar to fill in the main information of the filer. 3. Open the website of the ICP filing management system or Baidu "ICP filing management system" to enter, register and log in. Start filing. Fill in personal filing information: Fill in the verification filing type according to the system prompts, personal website information includes domain name, certificate, phone number, address and other information. That’s all for the introduction of personal domain name filing. 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Personal domain name filing➣➣How to write personal domain name filing notes